If you found yourself with a little bit of cabin fever around the holidays and decided to head out and look at the light show known as the Festival of Lights going on at Sinnissippi Park, you probably noticed that you were not alone.

According to a report on MyStateline.com, 2020's version of one of the Rockford area's favorite holiday stops drew in record-breaking numbers of visitors.

My Stateline:

Rockford’s “Festival of Lights” at Sinnissippi Park broke 31 years of attendance records for its 2020 season, according to festival organizers.

A record 103,5600 people visited the holiday display in 2020, according to festival chairmen Ted O’Donnell and Tom Luepkes.

You may have seen the commercial where two guys are putting up the Christmas lights on their respective houses while discussing bundling insurance products. As one of the men keeps talking about how his insurance company kept giving him more, his light display grows exponentially until, at the very end, it's visible to a space-walking astronaut who asks if mission control is seeing what the astronaut is seeing.

I felt that way about the fabulous "All-Aglow" exhibit at Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens and the Festival of Lights across the street at Sinnissippi Park. When you combine the wattage and proximity of those two awesome displays, I've got to figure that we must have shown up on the International Space Station's cameras at some point.

If you're kicking yourself for missing one or both incredible light displays (I know, life gets busy around the holidays and you can't get everything in), you're partially in luck.

The Festival of Lights has completed its run for the season and organizers are already getting a jump on the planning for next year, but the All-Aglow exhibit at Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens is still going on through this Sunday, January 10th.


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