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Have you received your $600 stimulus check yet? It turns out that a third check worth $2000 could be in your account by Valentine's Day.

Joe Biden stated that if things happened how he wanted them to happen in Georgia, (electing Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock) that a third stimulus check would be on the way. This is a $2000 check, and oh those folks are in...so what's the deal with another stimulus check?

Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock need to go through the steps, get sworn in. Then there's the whole presidential thing, that goes down on January 20th. According to FOX things should get rolling not long after that for another stimulus check.

“I said what I said about the checks. It’s one of the first things we want to do once our new senators are seated, they campaigned on it.” - Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer

So we do the legal stuff, there's the swearing in, and show us the money. We get this approved early Feb and then you can start watching your direct deposit.

Regardless of your political affiliation, hopefully a $2000 check will help ramp things up in our area in 2021. Let's fully open up our favorite restaurants and go hit them frequently. Take care of what you need to take care of, then let's go return to FUN times and socializing locally.


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