If you thought your drivers license photo was bad, wait until you see this collection.

Over the last year of so we have given a lot of website space to some stupid Illinois criminals, but why? Apparently you like them, and so do I! Who doesn't wanna read about a soccer mom that hit a cop with a "sexual device" or a lady that punched a waitress because she was sharing her pancakes. This is the kind of "news" that I enjoy. With so much WAY TOO serious and depressing news out there, it's the dumbasses that entertain.

So I put together a photo gallery of 20 of the "Best and Worst"  Illinois mugshots. Some of these photos are super creative, and others just capture the pure stupid...I love it.

This list and photo gallery could be 100 deep because we have shared some incredible stories. The legit "donkey puncher" the lady that drove with a fifteen foot tree stuck to her car hood, what about the lady that told cops "selling meth is hard work?" Yep, these are ALL included.

There are a couple repeat offenders, it's strange how much their mugshots change. There's unique hairstyles, smiles and no smiles, and ones where they know that their life as they know it is over...sorry Elmo shirt guy.

So here is "The 20 Best and Worst Illinois Mugshots." Let me know if you know anyone!

20 of The Best and Worst Illinois Mugshots

Say cheese, Illinois!

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