Hey guys, have another beer or nine would ya? I don't know which was worse, the Chicago Bears offensive play calling during the actual game or this kindergarten level fist fight with the fans.

Alcohol will make you do funny things. Say stupid crap, remove filters, apparently spit on another team's fans and throw sissy punches in a brand new stadium! By the way, that Sofi Stadium was so sweet, dang.

But back to the fan fight. There was words in the stands between Chicago Bears and LA Rams fans, probably about Justin Fields not playing, that's just my guess. There was pushing and shoving, a handful of f-bombs and some spitting. This boiled over into the bowels of the brand new stadium. Get ready for drunken, slow motion "tough guy" punches:

All else fails, just collapse on the other guy, that way you can catch a breather and blow your nacho breath on your enemy.

I think Chicago Bears Head Coach Matt Nagy actually did all the play calling for this fight AND the game. They were both boring, used no creativity and failed in the end.

I can't get over the punches or lack of punches thrown, were you even trying guys? I always like the team jersey thing, oh look Chicago Bears defensive star Hicks is in a fight! have another Miller Lite.

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