Last week, there was an apartment fire at Concord Commons on Rockford's west side. Inside this apartment were a mother and four children and, in any scenario, four children can be a handful but a fire at the home? Unless you are there, it is unimaginable. The story of how two of the four children escaped is also unimaginable. Multiple news stations shared reports of this story, including WREX. And, when you read the details, your heartbeat will race and you may contemplate what you or your kids might do in this situation. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries to report.

According to the reports, a mother was able to escape with two of the four children in tow. The other two kids, ages 5 and 6, escaped the fire by leaping out a second-story window. One of those children was treated and released on the scene and one was taken to an area hospital and released with minor injuries. That in itself is miraculous.

The child who was taken to the hospital after an apartment caught fire in Rockford is OK. (WREX)

It would be inappropriate to question how this happened, the act of two young children jumping out of the window to escape to safety. Yet, in true social media fashion, people are throwing negativity toward the situation, mainly at the mother. However, on this thread, folks are putting Captain Negativity in their place because, again, unless you live through this situation there is no room for judgment.

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