Wisconsin police make a huge bust in a local bar.

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Many People Get Arrested At Least Once In Their Life

I would really like to know the percentage of people who have been arrested at least once in their life. I bet it's a pretty hefty amount. It doesn't have to be anything significant or even a felony. There are plenty of smaller crimes that can get you in trouble. Things like speeding tickets could be thrown in the mix and watch the numbers climb.

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I had a couple of incidents in college that might have included drinking when I wasn't old enough. Those are stories for another time. The kind of behavior that will get you in more trouble with your parents than the actual police.


Almost Every Customer At This Wisconsin Bar Was Arrested

When you hear that almost every customer in just one bar was arrested, what do you immediately think? For me, a Mafia movie comes to mind. In a scene when they bust a whole "family" for something weird like tax evasion.

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Well in Wisconsin, it would have to involve booze. This massive bust happened in Madison.

According to tmj4.com, 

Madison police said when their officers went into an unnamed bar and carded all 143 people inside, only six of them could prove they were above the legal drinking age.


During the haul, a total of 137 people were cited for underage drinking.


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Details Of Massive Underage Drinking Bust

First of all, I know the number sounds crazy. You have to remember Madison is a college town and home to the University of Wisconsin. There are thousands of kids going to school there. College students are going to drink, especially when they just got back from summer vacation.

States with the Most College Students

In college towns, the bars are going to let some laws slide when it comes to selling liquor to the students. All the kids know which places will let them in, so they go there. It's a pretty easy bust for the cops.

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At this point, the name of the bar has not been released. According to the police report, HERE, it's in the neighborhood where the college kids go to party.

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