The lights, the tree, the boozy uncle..How to keep your home safe this holiday season.


We would like all first responders locally to have a very quiet holiday. There is so much going on inside your home during the holidays, that safety has to be a top priority.

  • 1. Merry and Bright: All of those lights, big and small. Inspect them for bad bulbs and strings.
  • 2. Lights Out: Turn em off.
  • 3. Fresh Is Best: Want a real tree, keep it fresh.
  • 4. Timing Is Everything: An outside timer for the lights is energy friendly.
  • 5. Check for the Certification Mark: Anything electrical that you buy should be checked out before purchase.
  • 6. One and Done: One extension cord only, Clark.
  • 7. The Great Outdoors: Keep electrical things off the ground outside. Snow, water, etc.
  • 8. Climbing Up: Double check ladders when doing some climbing.
  • 9. Keep the Gas Behind Glass: No glass panel, no gas fireplace.
  • 10. Sound the Alarm: Test your smoke alarms ASAP.
  • 11. Filter-Friendly Furnace: Lots of junk in the air, check the furnace and replace the filter.
  • 12. Clean the Mess: Chemicals, cleaning suppies, etc. Avoid any issues and keep these things outside.


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