Spring and Summer storms in the Midwest can be amazing to watch, but also very dangerous.

Photo - Captain Jack
Photo - Captain Jack

As we all know, as the warmer weather hits so does our chances for some severe weather.

The picture in this blog is my kids trampoline after a massive storm in 2012. It cleared two, six foot fences and flew past a second story window. Neighbors were watching the storm and it flew right by the window.

In summers past we have really felt Mother Nature's wrath around here. Hail, high winds, tornadoes, huge lighting storms and lots of rain. Are you ready this year?

Living in the Midwest my entire life, the only thing you can truly predict is that the weather will be unpredictable. We could be super dry for weeks and weeks and then get hammered.

So how can you be ready for this Midwest Summer? According to MNN here are 10 Tips How to Prepare for Tornadoes, Strong Winds and Hailstorms:

  • Stay tuned to local radio and TV stations for important weather updates - We will have info about severe storms of our Facebook and right here as well
  • Build an emergency kit
  • Create and practice a plan of action for your family
  • Consider installing shingles
  • Maintain trees and shrubbery in your yard
  • Replace rock or gravel landscaping material in your yard
  • Identify the safest area of your home
  • Identify escape routes from your home or neighborhood
  • Secure top-heavy furniture that could topple over
  • Stay away from windows and doors when the storm arrives


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