So if this was your plan for the weekend, you might as well make new plans ASAP. ALMI

It is illegal in Chicago, to go fishing...while sitting on the neck of a giraffe. 

This is a law in the state of Illinois, that will be enforced? Not exactly sure HOW one gets a giraffe to your favorite Chicago fishing hole OR how you sit on it's neck. But if you were planning on this, scratch it from your to-do list.

Now THAT is a great law....but here are some others that might help you keep one step ahead of the law.

10 Dumb Illinois Laws

  • Wheelbarrows with a “for sale” sign on them are not allowed to get chained to a tree in Des Plaines, Illinois
  • It’s illegal to make soap in Normal, IL unless you have a license. 
  •  It’s against the law to eat in a building that’s on fire in Chicago.
  • Moline, IL: It’s illegal to ice skate at Riverside Pond from June to August. Um...
  • Does your four legged friend enjoy a smoke?  It’s illegal for anyone to give a lit cigar to a domesticated animal in Zion, IL. 
  •  It’s illegal to give dogs whiskey in Chicago, IL.
  • Mount Pulaski, IL...Boys can throw snowballs, girls can't.
  • Galesburg, IL it is illegal to beat a rat with a baseball bat. 
  • Crete, IL...It's illegal to drive a CAR through town.
  • Chicago, IL has banned taking French Poodles to the opera. 

There you go fellow "Land of Lincoln" peeps, so adjust your crazy ways of pay the price.

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