It looks like Zac Efron and Robert De Niro may be sharing the big screen sometime soon! The Hollywood Reporter claims that the two actors are in talks to star in a "road trip comedy" together called 'Dirty Grandpa.'

Though THR notes that the talks are in the very early stages, if the movie stars do in fact sign on, De Niro will play a "perverted former Army general" who tricks his grandson (Efron) to drive with him to Florida for spring break. De Niro's character -- the titular 'Dirty Grandpa' -- thinks that Efron's character is marrying the wrong girl.

If the movie does come to fruition, we know it will be hilarious, and not just because of the actors. (Let's be real, though: We'll see anything with Zac Efron.) Dan Mazer, who has written with Sacha Baron Cohen on 'Borat,' 'Bruno' and 'The Dictator,' is set to direct.

Keeping our fingers crossed!

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