There are a bunch of great things are summer and there are a bunch of not so great things about summer. Mosquitoes definitely top the list of 'not so great,' and we have a feeling you're getting bit more than everyone else you know.

That is, if your blood type is O+.

My mom is convinced that mosquitoes love her more than anyone else. She walks outside to get the mail and bam! a bite on the way to the mailbox and another one on the way back.

You'd think maybe it was her perfume or the scent of her moisturizer that draws those little guys to her, but nope it's her blood type.

According to Unbelievable Facts, those of you with O+ blood type are more delicious to mosquitoes.

And they can actually smell your blood type before they go in for the bite.

Crazy right?

While I do get my fair share of bug bites, I don't get nearly as much as my mom does and that's probably because my blood type is B-.

The article says that mosquitoes prefer O blood types twice as much as A, and a B blood type is just averagely appealing to the blood suckers.

The study goes on to say that only 85 percent of us actually emit an odor that tells the bugs what our type is, so there's a chance you do have type O blood but you're keeping it a secret and not getting bit as much as someone who is emitting that odor.

There's also some info that the sweatier you are the more bites you get... which must be my problem.

Does your blood type match up to your mosquito bites?

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