Have you ever cheated while playing Monopoly? If you have, don't feel bad because you aren't alone.

Monopoly is a popular game in my family.

Besides the classic edition, we have several other versions including electronic, WWE, Sponge Bob, and Chicago Bears.

If you ever play with us, don't let my nephew be the banker. He likes to pay for everything out of that money instead of his own.

Have you ever notice that people seem to have their own rules? Sometimes it's hard to decide what's official or what's made up.

Plus, it seems like I've experienced cheating during Monopoly more than any other games. How about yourself?

In fact, you might be surprised by the amount of rule-breaking that happens.

"According to recent research, around 50 percent of respondents from a survey of close to 2,000 fans reported experiencing some form cheating during games of Monopoly."

That's a lot of people.

In what ways are they playing incorrectly?

"Deception included stealing money from the bank, inventing fake rules and moving tokens across multiple spaces."

Yes, I've seen that happen many times.

I've always wondered about what to do with free parking and fines. Everyone has a different way of playing.

"For example, who hasn’t encountered at least one person who was adamant that all of the money generated by fines and repairs in the game should go into the middle of the board and be collected when someone lands on free parking? It’s a made-up rule! Look it up!"

Is there any way to stop the cheating? Up till now, there hasn't been.

Check out this new technology.

"Players will be able to settle disputes and stop rule breaking in real-time, via the CheatBot. The real-time service will cover everything from whether someone stays in jail for one extra roll of the dice or needs to pay a particular fine."

It's time to stop the Monopoly cheaters, Especially, the ones that make-up fake rules.

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