Recordings of epic concerts in Rockford that you will not believe.

Concerts Before Technology

Back when I was first going to concerts back in junior high, there was no technology. Fans actually watched the show.

There were no cellphones to take photos and videos. YouTube did not exist to search out footage of your favorite bands in concert.

After seeing an incredible performance, you had to hope that the band would release a live album of the tour otherwise all you had were memories.

Before Cellphones At Concerts

Nowadays, most people own a cellphone featuring amazing technology that allows you to take professional-like photos and videos. If you go to a show, you will witness thousands of fans holding their devices in the air to capture the moment.

Back in the day, the only thing fans were holding up was a lighter during a ballad. A few brave souls would sneak in hand-held tape recorders and camcorders to record the show.

There was no social media to share your experience, so these "Bootleggers" had to dub their recordings in real-time onto VHS tapes and cassettes. Then they would sell them on the black market or trade them with friends.

The footage is primitive but it is a cool flashback.

Now Available On YouTube

If you are lucky, sometimes you can find some of these old bootleg concert videos posted on YouTube.

I was recently doing some searching and I discovered copies of historic Rockford concerts on YouTube. I thought it would be fun to share them with you.

Bootleg Recordings Of Epic Rockford Concerts

Video: Heart - Live at Rockford Speedway, Rockford, IL [07-27-80] (Reupload)

Video: Kiss Live In Rockford, Illinois December 31, 1982 Creatures Of The Night Tour

Video: Metallica - Live at Lollapalooza Rockford '96 | 720p60fps Upscale

Video: The Rolling Stones - Live in Rockford 1981/10/01 - Video - 4th show of the tour

Video: Cheap Trick (Cleanest version) 10-08-1977 Rockford Armory, IL

Photos From Cheap Trick Long Play Music Fest 7/4/21 Rivets Stadium Loves Park

Photos From Cheap Trick Long Play Music Fest 7/4/21 Rivets Stadium Loves Park

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