Christie Nicks, I feel your pain.

What the Blue Angels do is no joke. Pushing 5, 7 or even more G-Forces at a time is something they do every day.

WTVO News Anchor Passes Out During Blue Angels Ride
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

I was able to push to 4.5 G's on the plane with my Captain Crunchy. It was a feeling like I have never felt before. I was out of sorts for 48 hours after that ride.

Don't get me wrong, the ride was incredible and I would absolutely do it again in a heart beat. The symptoms that followed the ride after the adrenaline rush went away are something I would never forget.

I was nauseous and my insides felt as if they were scrambled like eggs in an omelet.

It was intense.

Christie Nicks of WTVO's Eyewitness news was able to take a ride with the Blue Angels before this year's Airfest.

When pushing 7.2 G-Forces, she passed out.


1. I'm completely impressed that you were able to go through that many G-Forces!

2. Passing out is completely normal.

3. I don't know anyone who can pass out as gracefully as you.


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