Would people from Rockford want flying cars, if they were available?

According to detroit.cbslocal.com,

"The survey by the Michigan Transportation Research Institute shows that while airborne vehicles promised by the Jetsons and Back to the Future have yet to arrive, two-thirds Americans say they are interested in the concept."

Would you want a flying car? I definitely would. I think people in Rockford would too.

Think about how fast you could get across town. Flying down Alpine Road would be much better than driving.

What about flying over all that Rockford construction? During the Summer, there's no avoiding it while driving, but flying is a whole different story.

The intersection of East State Street and Perryville Road would be much easier to maneuver by air.

You wouldn't need a boat to enjoy the Rock River. You could hover just above it in your flying car.

The trip into Chicago on I-90 would be much smoother.

Having a flying car would make life so much easier. So if they could hurry up and invent one, that would be great. One of those machines on The Jetsons that washes and dresses you would be great too.

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