This place would be a great addition to CherryVale Mall.

When I talk to people about CherryVale Mall, they always have a couple of places on their wish list for new stores to open up there.

I finally have something that I would love to come to our mall.

I found it on,

"A Chinese mall is aiming to keep men from becoming bored on shopping trips with video game-equipped husband storage pods. The pods are composed of glass booths containing chairs and PC gaming."

Video: Husband Storage Pods at Chinese Mall

When I go shopping with my wife and daughter. They don't like me tagging along with them. They feel like I'm trying to rush them.

So going to the mall as a family, I basically have to go off on my own. Once I hit up the stores I like at CherryVale, I'm just wandering around aimlessly. I feel creepy, if I just sit in the food court.

I think I would enjoy hanging out in one of these "husband pods" and play video games, while I wait.


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