I'm not the biggest video game guy, but this is awesome.

Wart (Super Mario Bros 2)

A Super Mario Bros "pop-up" bar is open in Washington, D.C. A "pop-up" bar is a themed bar that takes over an establishment for a week or two. This might be one of the coolest themed bars I have ever seen. Imaging you are there to eat a burger while you rescue the princess and slay Bowser, all while downing an ice cold beer.

The Super Mario Bros bar is complete with:

  • Piranha Plants
  • Green Warp Pipes
  • Plenty of Bricks
  • Bartenders Dress Like Mario and Luigi

So the question is would this work in Rockford and where could you put it. First off yes, a pop-up "Super Mario Bros" bar would absolutely work in Rockford. So let's discuss where:

  • The old Fatty McGee's
  • Tumbleweed
  • Denny's on Sandy Hollow
  • Logli on Rural
  • The Limited inside Cherryvale Mall

All legit idea's for a themed bar that would cash in on a limited run for sure.





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