Have you ever sought revenge on a co-worker?

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Work friends vs work acquaintances vs the ones you just can't stand. There are many different levels of the people you work with. I tend to just roll with my people and let everyone else just do their thing, makes everything easier.

Have you ever sought out "revenge" on a co-worker? According to USA Today, almost half of U.S. worker have sought some sort of revenge on a co-worker.

In a "toxic" work environment, I've found that you can simply let the other party screw themselves...but apparently seeking revenge is the go to. Click Here.

Some of the ways people seek revenge on co-workers include:

  • Spreading rumors
  • Hiding a co-workers personal items
  • Sabotage their work
  • Eat a co-workers lunch

I once worked with a guy that would always have these "huge" ideas and then wouldn't follow through with them. Most of these ideas were completely stupid, so the ones that were the dumbest I would fully support him and encourage him to continue with. Is THAT revenge?



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