I know we've shown you some fantastic Christmas light displays, both locally and nationally. But one woman in Pennsylvania got the shock of a lifetime when she recently went online to check her electric bill.

As reported by cbsnews.com,  Mary Horomanski received the eye popping news when she saw her electric bill was more than $284 billion. She then suspected her family had hung the Christmas lights up wrong. With a bill like that, I'd say they did!

On the bright-side she didn't have to pay the $284,460,000,000 bill in full till November of 2018, with only a minimum payment of $28,156 due in December. Hoping there might be an error of some sort Horomanski's son contacted their electricity provider, to which they confirmed their was one. First Energy said there was a decimal point out of place and the bill was only $284.46. To which they quickly corrected.

Moral of the story is to make sure your family did put your Christmas lights up correctly and double check your bill to make sure all the decimals are in the right spot.

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