Pareidolia is what it's called when you incorrectly perceive something as something else. Like seeing a face in the clouds, or a heart in the grain of your bedroom door, or seeing a big ol' penis on your cutting board.

Georgia Rogers, 21, is spending the summer as a nanny in New York City, but she needs some supplies for her college apartment when she gets back to school, so obviously she went with Amazon.


She asked her mom to pick out a cutting board for her, so she picked one that was a marble pattern, because it looks nice but also was the cheaper option. Sometimes cheaper is not the better thing to get.

A couple of days later, the package arrives, and when Georgia's mom looked, the cutting board had a package of its own.

Georgia Rogers via Twitter

I would say you have a dirty mind, but if you notice the amount of detail in the image, there's no way you would see anything other than a giant dong on that cutting board.


"Right after she called me because she couldn’t believe it. I showed my friend when my mom sent me the picture and we died laughing," Georgia told Buzzfeed. "I would have never expected of a penis to be accidentally on the cutting board." Georgia shared it to Twitter, and immediately started getting offers from people to buy it, with the intention to use it as a charcuterie board.  



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