Remember the fabled "coffee is too hot" lawsuit? Well, it may have been topped.

A woman is suing a Sikeston, Mo., restaurant, claiming she suffered eye damage after she was hit by a roll. Yes, a roll.

Troy Tucker is suing Lambert's Cafe, which bills itself as the "home of throwed rolls," for $25,000 needed for medical and legal bills. Yup, one of the things that makes Lambert's so unique and such a tourist attraction is the wait staff throws rolls at customers.

Tucker claims a roll hit her in the eye, causing a detached cornea, which has adversely affected her eyesight. She cites the restaurant's "carelessness and negligence" in her suit. The incident happened in September of last year. Her lawsuit also argues the restaurant should've known about the dangers that come along with throwing the rolls.

Lambert's general manager, meanwhile, says no server ever tries to hurt people, adding customers have sought financial restitution in the past only to have the eatery's insurance pay for any medical issues.

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