A bottle of conditioner mixed with Nair caused a Wisconsin woman's hair to start falling out.

I think this would be a nightmare scenario for anyone with a full head of hair. You're in the shower and it starts coming out in clumps.

Straight out of a movie. Someone tainted your shampoo and it starts happening. I can totally picture it. The victim begins screaming as their hair goes down the drain.

Unfortunately, it happened in real life to a poor girl in Wisconsin.

According to fox2detroit.com,

"In a “very, very traumatic” experience, a Wisconsin woman’s hair fell out in clumps after Nair hair removal cream was mixed in her conditioner, according to her mother. She had bought Pantene Pro-V Sheer Volume conditioner at her local Walmart last week. My daughter bought some 2 days ago and someone mixed Nair in her conditioner bottle."

Twitter page.

That's just a horrible trick to play of somebody.


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