A woman in Wisconsin was savagely attacked in a Walmart parking lot after she asked a man to move his shopping cart.

What on earth? Why?

ABC7 shares that Cori Richardson was brutally attacked by a man when she asked that he move his empty shopping cart that he ditched behind her car outside of a Waukesha County Walmart.

The man, 60 year old, John Engebos violently attacked Cori.

Worst yet, he did it in front of her children.

OMG that's just terrible. Not only that he attacked her for a simple request to move a cart but her children saw it.

As a result of the incident Cori "lost a portion of her hair and was left with serious bruising following."

The attack was caught on surveillance camera along with "other customers [coming] to help Cori. They called 911 and even blocked in the suspect as he tried to take off." 

You can see it in the news clip below.

I'm so glad that there were people there to come to her aid right away and that her injuries didn't land her in a hospital.  Still how scary was this Cori and her children.

What is wrong with people?

I just can't imagine what would spark this type of rage over moving a shopping cart?




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