Well if this one doesn't make you push the internal "barf" button, you are not right. Huff

Desiree Webster was cruising in her 97 Monte Carlo, when Wisconsin police pulled her over. The reason for the pull over was her companion, Jaral McCollum. He was a known heroin dealer so this was a big bust for the cops in Wisconsin....What came next, oh lord.

Ecstasy Seisure In Los Angeles
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Jaral slipped Desiree some of his drugs and told her to "hide them" so what do you think she did? Dramatic pause, yes...she put them all THERE. She inserted a LOT of drugs, in her privates...to hide them.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

After the couple was arrested and a strip search was done, Desiree admitted to having drugs inside her vagina. There was also a CT scan done, that located the illegal drugs. Are you ready for the total "find?" Are you sure???

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Here is a list of what was found INSIDE Desiree:

  • 36.67 grams of cocaine
  • 14.72 grams of meth
  • 27.80 grams of synthetic weed
  • Six MDMA (Ecstasy) pills
  • 1.26 grams of marijuana

I total of 82 grams of illegal drugs. She is very lucky that none of that burst inside, any sort of tear in the packaging. With that amount of cocaine, that would lead to INSTANT death.

“With the cocaine you’re going to be in this like excited delirium state and the heart’s going to be going really fast, and they’ll be running a high fever and you know the body will kind of shut down from that and you’ll die.”  - Emergency room doctor Ryan Murphy 

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