Social media can be used in a bunch of ways...Promote your business, post what you had for dinner, see how many like you get for your dog pictures, oh and post a "drug menu" on Snapchat of what you are selling! CBS58

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Carl Court

Four Racine, Wisconsin men were busted for posting a "drug menu" on Snapchat. These fellas lived in a very nice neighborhood in Racine, filled with tons of elderly people and kids riding their bikes around. Neighbors wave, knock on doors for cups of sugar, etc....They had no idea that there were MASSIVE drug dealers in their hood.

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office
Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

These guys even had a nickname, or a team name...Great way yo stay motivated as a drug dealer I guess. The self proclaimed "Bag Boys" were using Snapchat to sell a variety of drugs...Heck, there was a menu!

AFP, Getty Images
AFP, Getty Images

In the search of the house belonging to the "Bag Boys" they also recovered:

Three loaded semi-automatic handguns

A loaded 12-guage shotgun

256 grams of marijuana

50 marijuana cartridges 

$1,200 cash

It just goes to show a couple things...Once it's on social media, it will be forever...and No matter how freakin' nice your neighborhood is, there could be some crooked stuff going on.

Social media drug dealing, what a genius idea...not. Maybe stick to pics of your dog or your dinner.

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