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When people make New Years Resolutions, robbing a bank "probably" isn't on the list much...Maybe stop drinking, lose weight, maybe travel more? This 21 year old dude from Appleton, Wisconsin decided to "try something new" and now he's in prison.

Xengxai Yang “decided to try something new today, so I robbed a bank.” bored with his life, decided to enter a credit union and pull out a shotgun...let's give this whole robbery thing a try. It didn't end up going as planned. He got the bag of money, tied up an employee with a cable tie and took off. Here's the actual quote from Mr. Yang:

“decided to try something new today, so I robbed a bank.” - Xengxai Yang

The shotgun was illegal, dude had no criminal history, and wanted to do something new. What about jigsaw puzzles, taking a cooking class, how about painting a self portrait?

Yang was arrested, "almost a block away." So yah...dude didn't really think out this new adventure. Robs a credit union of $10,000 and makes it a block before he gets caught.


The judge in this case noted the Mr. Yang's defense was "bizarre," you think. The guy had no criminal past, not even a jaywalking ticket to own up to. With all this free time, maybe studying a Law and Order episode or something to make it more than a block away?

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