Jarad S. Carr of  Lake Hallie, Wisconsin returned his printer to Walmart because it wasn't working. It seems that something was jammed in it and it just wasn't working, ok no problem. DailyMailUK

Problem number one, Jarad didn't have a receipt. Well ok, sometimes stores can look past this whole thing...Let's see what happens next. Well the store said no receipt no cash back, which is what Jarad wanted. Jarad insisted, he needed the cash back asap. But it didn't seem like Jarad needed money.

After further inspecting the printer, money was found...fake money. There were counterfeit $100 bills jammed in the printer! At this point maybe Jarad would quietly walk away from the situation...nothing to see here. But, no. He continued to argue and work out a deal with the Walmart folks...Just give me the lower price and I'll split.

While all this crap talk was happening, the cops were called. Maybe the couterfeit cash could be explained to the police. Lake Hallie Police Department showed up, Jarad argued more and resisted arrest....oh, they found three more counterfeit $100's on him. Ouch.

Drawing attention to yourself, not a good idea for this fella. His charges include:

  • Theft by fraud
  • Forgery
  • Resisting arrest

To quote the local police chief, and check out his word usage in this...

"You go to a Walmart with a printer to return and no receipt, with your counterfeit bills still lodged in it, and you want to dicker with the clerks to get half price back, when you have warrants out for you." -  Police Chief Cal D. Smokowicz

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