I cried, more like sobbed when I read this story on ABC.

A Wisconsin man, Don Jaquish lost his wife to cancer in November of last year.

Don's beloved wife, Babbette Jaquish, loved flowers. Not just any flower, but sunflowers. She was known throughout their town of Eau Claire as the sunflower lady of the community. In tribute to her, he planted 4.5 miles of sunflowers on each side of Highway 85.

Don planted the flowers and they have finally bloomed, beautifully.

Babbette was a large supporter of cancer research and had a dream of selling sunflower seeds with a portion of the proceeds being donated to hospitals, reasearch and patient advocacy.

Her health kept her from reaching that goal, but one month after Babbette passed, her dream did come true. Babbette's Seeds of Hope was born.


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