Here's an interesting sign I saw over the weekend that had me scratching my dome...


While stopping at a gas station in Beloit Wi I was greeted with a threatening sign. We have all seen things like:

"this gas station does not have large bills"

"this location uses surveillance cameras"

"this business has security on duty 24/7"

William Perugini

Versions of that are used to deter criminals from making a bad move. Do these types of warnings actually make someone down on their luck think twice about robbing the place? "Oh shoot, look Earl...this gas station doesn't have large bills, I really don't want to carry 10's and 20's...I forgot my fanny pack." Maybe these work, maybe not. I know that the security guy at my local Walmart is very intimidating. The 70 year old ultra polite gramdma (just a guess) would probably kick my ass.


So back to the sign I saw. This was unlike any "warning" I've ever seen and it did kinda stop me in my tracks and gave me a chill...Check this out:


Now this gas station is tiny...It's connected to a McDonald's and there is usually the same two ladies working. So you are telling me they are packing? You mean to tell me that the two employees are strapped and carrying heat? Is there something on this application that states "You get minimum wage and will have to deal with idiots, but don't worry...we are giving you a gun!?!"

Wow, this is a bit much! But I guess if it gets Earl and his buddy to changes there mind about stealing cigarettes and Monster Energy drinks, it's working.

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