Wisconsin Cat Museum started by a family that loves those pets.

I've grown up having pets. I enjoy them in my life. When I was younger, it was dogs. Now, my family has cats. It really doesn't matter what kind, I'm just a fan of animals.

There are different degrees of pet owners. Some are casual, others go to the extreme, and everything in between.

Once a family finds a particular breed they like, many times they will stick with that kind. Not only are they pets, but they also become members of the family. This love will creep into of their everyday life.

Other ways to promote the affection of their pet will start popping up. Of course, many pictures posted on Social Media and hanging up around the house. Then the nicknacks, plaques, bumper stickers, shirts, and anything else you can put the likeness of their best friend. You have to flaunt your loyalty. Almost like your favorite sports team.

When I was a child, my family had Alaskan Malamute dogs for pets. My Mom started her collection of Malamute related items immediately. I remember having a t-shirt.

A family in Wisconsin has taken it to the next level. They turned their home into a cat museum.

According to jsonline.com,

"Husband and wife Shawn Redner and Hilary Siegel-Redner of Menomonee Falls have rescued 21 cats from the streets or shelters and thousands of cat items from secondhand shops. While he was looking through the collection in January, he came up with the idea to put it all on display for others to see, and to raise money for cat rescues while doing it. " 

What a great idea. Cat people will definitely come to check it out and support the cause.

If you would like to plan a visit, get more info HERE.

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