For the second week in a row, the Wisconsin Badgers had to cancel a football game. 

Last week it was Nebraska that was left out in the cold with a canceled game, this week Purdue will find themselves with no one to play.

Wisconsin hasn't played since they blew out Illinois in the Big Ten season opener 2 Fridays ago and if things don't settle down in Madison, their entire season could be in jeopardy.

Wisconsin had reported 12 positive cases when they canceled against Nebraska. That number has climbed to 27 active cases. It's not clear if there is any overlap between the two groups.

Regardless if they contain the outbreak, per Big Ten rules, anyone testing positive for COVID-19 must remove themselves from team activities for 21 days. That means at least 27 players, about 15-20% of the team would be unavailable for 3 weeks.

Wisconsin, currently ranked in the top 10, has lofty postseason goals. Those might have to wait until next year.

Wisconsin's next scheduled game is against #23 ranked Michigan next Saturday night.

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