It's understandable to get upset when your food gets messed up at a fast food restaurant but this Wisconsin woman took it way too far because of burnt french fries.

The Incident Took Place At Popular Wisconsin Fast Food Restaurant

The event happened during the day a couple of weeks ago at the McDonald's located on Moorland Avenue near Brookfield Square in Brookfield (right outside of Milwaukee). Funny thing, I'm pretty sure I've been there before.

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A woman walked in for some food. She went to the counter to place her order. That lady got a burger, fries, and a drink. Then sat down to eat her meal. After a few minutes, she got up and brought her tray back to the counter. The customer started complaining that her fries were burnt, even though she pretty much ate everything.

McDonald's Restaurant
WI Woman Freaks Out Over Burnt Fries

Wisconsin Woman Causes Big Scene In McDonald's Because Of Burnt Fries

The suspect then tried going back to the kitchen to yell at the cooks and get new fries. When she was told that wasn't allowed that's when the woman started to freak out. The woman was swearing, screaming, tossing insults, and getting out of control. She also threatened to shoot the place up. An employee immediately called the police.

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When the police arrived, they were able to calm her down. They also checked the suspect for weapons. Luckily, she didn't have any. She was still arrested for threatening the workers.

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Gallery Credit: The Smoking Gun, Adams County Sheriff, Dane County, Eau Claire PD, Janesville PD, Lacrosse PD, Lincoln County Jail, Manitowoc, Cottage Grove PD, Shawano County Sheriff, Sumter County Jail, Waukesha County Jail, Racine PD

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