A valuable circus poster was found behind a wall of a Wisconsin business owner.

Have you ever found anything special while working on your house?

My Dad was remodeling his bathroom when he found a second showerhead behind the wall of the stall. It wasn't anything valuable but it was strange.

When a bar owner in Wisconsin wanted to add a door between two buildings, he found himself a treasure.

According to chicagotribune.com,

"By the time he was done excavating and researching, he had unearthed a 9-foot-high by 55-foot-long, multi-sheet, full-color paper lithograph circus poster advertising the Great Anglo-American Circus and Menagerie performing in Durand on Aug. 17, 1885, It's one of the oldest and best-preserved circus posters in the world. It's considered a one-and-only type of thing."

Here's a picture of the poster from the Chicago Tribune Twitter Page.

He immediately stopped the project. The decision was made to incorporate the unique artwork into their future banquet hall. Now, it's a tourist attraction and people come from all over the world to see it.


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