Winnebago County Courthouse has announced that effective as of Friday bags, including purses will no longer be allowed in.  Winnebago County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tammie Stanley told that:

"Someone who arrives to one of the court buildings (Courthouse, Justice Center, Juvenile Courthouse and Adult Probation) with a prohibited bag will not be allowed into the building with that bag."

In addition, she also said that there will not be a space provided by officers for people to leave their bags. Items like a diaper bag, a bag containing medical supplies, or brief cases carried by lawyers may be part of an exception. But it will be determined on a case by case basis. They do not want people to bring items with that are unnecessary.

People should also be prepared to stand in before entering the building as items are being scanned through an X-ray machine. But officers hope that by not allowing bags in, it will speed up the process.

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