Christmas Sweaters have become a staple in the American holiday season.  If you show up to a party in anything less than a ridiculous sweater with a reindeer popping out the back, then do you even like Christmas?  Well, we all know Target is the best for finding basically ANYTHING.  But it's extra good for finding all things holiday. So Target took it upon themselves this year to raise the standard of Christmas party apparel.

It's not enough anymore to have a green sweater with real ornaments hanging from it, Target wants you to be the entire tree.  Present shoes included.

Now, let's just state the obvious, a sweater looks a little more comfortable.  However, you can't deny that this would be a crowd favorite at almost any holiday party.  I guess the name of the game is how absurd can you look this season?

So in all of its glory, here it is -

Credit Target
Credit Target

I mean... what did you really expect? It's got all bases covered.  A gold star on top, ornaments, tinsel, and presents underneath the tree.

For only $60 you can be in EVERYONE'S photo's from the holiday party, I can guarantee that much. Buy yours here.

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