This is the main event and you need to pick a Rockford partner, no pressure.

WWE SummerSlam 2015
Getty Images - JP Yim

With Wrestlemania 33 coming up April 2nd in Orlando (click the link below to win a trip to Wrestlemania from The Eagle) I want to put you in the main event.

Here is your problem, you need a tag team partner but this partner has to be from Rockford. That's right folks, the title is on the line with 80,000 people watching so don't this up.

So here is my short list of possible Rockford tag team partners. I want to win this thing, so I'm going big shooters and some sneaky sly types:

  • Shayne Adams - Owner of Northern Illinois Combat Club. Think I'll just let him do the rough stuff.
  • Danny Stevens - Owner Premier Fitness. Same reason
  • Dan O'Shea - Rockford Police Chief, he has guns
  • Double T - He knows Karate

So who would you pick as your Rockford "Tag Team Partner"?



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