Do you know the origin of this tasty treat you can enjoy at the BMO Harris Bank Center?

If you have spent anytime at the BMO Harris Bank Center in downtown Rockford, you most likely have seen the Dippin' Dots stand. You know, the ice cream of the future.

It's the stand you want to avoid when you have kids with you at the IceHogs game, because they must have it. Plus, you know the line is going to be huge during intermission.

Did you know that Dippin' Dots weren't made to be a tasty treat while attending your favorite event at the local arena?

According to, they were originally invented to be cow feed.

A microbiologist named Curt Jones was trying to find out a better way to feed cows. He decided to freeze cow feed and make it into little pellets. The idea didn't work.

Then he tried the same experiment with ice cream. People loved it. He found the interaction between a person's mouth and the frozen ice cream dots made a tasty treat.

The reason why you only find them at arena events and not grocery stores is because they need to be stored at 360 degrees below zero.

Next time you are enjoying some Dippin' Dots, you can thank the cows for not liking their frozen food.

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