Rockford has the best in the state when it is taco time in Illinois.

I Am A Big Fan Of Tacos

Everyone has a favorite food or meal. You know, the one you could eat every day if it was actually possible. For me, it has to be tacos.

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Where Is The Best Tacos In Illinois

When it comes to tacos in Illinois, I would put our restaurants in the Rockford area up against any others in the state.

I am not just saying that because I live here. There are many others that feel the same way. If you don't believe me, then check this out.

According to,

"If you happen to be looking for the best tacos around, you’d probably never guess they can be found inside an unassuming grocery store located in Rockford, Illinois."

"Supermercado Guanajuato may look like your average grocery store from the outside, but what you find inside is a taqueria that's nothing short of extraordinary."

"Luckily, there's a taqueria where you can get some of the best tacos you'll have in the Rockford area and quite possibly the state!"

I love the fact that this taco joint is located inside a little grocery store. That is taking the mom-and-pop business to the next level.

For more info, HERE.

There Are Many More Around Rockford

Do not worry. When it comes to tacos, Rockford is definitely not a one-trick pony. There are many other places to check out.

If you love tacos, put these places are your must hit taco joint list. Seven Restaurants for the Tastiest Taco Trek in Rockford

My other suggestion is to speak with Daxx Nielsen from Cheap Trick. He is the Taco King and Expert.

Rockford has really good pizza too. 10 Reasons Why Rockford Pizza Is The Best Pizza

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