When it comes to chicken wing flavors, Illinois and Wisconsin have different favorites. GrillCookBake

As the NFL season heads towards post season, it's never too early to start thinking what your spread is going to be for the "Big Game." But seriously, do you need a rhyme or reason to eat a bunch of wings? The correct answer is, hell no.

Chicken hot wings and dipping sauce
Joe Belanger

Before we get to the flavor, let's break a couple things down...

First off, the bone-in vs boneless debate. If you like boneless, more power to you...I like an occasional nugget too. There, debate over.


Secondly with the bone-in are you a flat or a drums person? Personally I love the drums. I "think" there is more meat on them, which is probably not right...But it's what I think.

Chicken wings with sauce

OK, so the flavor thing. I'll try any wing once...The dry rub flavors at Baked Wings, are so good...and then ADD the sauces, simply amazing.

Igor Negovelov, ThinkStock
Igor Negovelov, ThinkStock

So how do the flavors stack up state to state? Check this out, here are some examples of what different states like sauce wise on their chicken wings:

  • Alabama - Hot Buffalo
  • Alaska - Spicy Garlic
  • California - Parmesan garlic
  • Florida - Honey BBQ
  • Montana - Salt & Vinegar 
  • Oklahoma - Honey Mustard

OK so what about closer to home? Illinois and Wisconsin are on different sides in the chicken wing game.

Illinois favorite flavor...Honey BBQ

Wisconsin favorite flavor...Parmesan Garlic

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