The land of the "Green and Gold" is also the land of drugs, and lots of it. From Ecstasy, pot, cocaine, and fentanyl...this well known pro football town is also a drug capital. WBAY

An explosives and drug-sniffing police dog investigating the inside of a car.
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I watch enough Dateline, 20/20, and "reality" based police shows to know that if a drug bust takes a year and a half, it's a HUGE deal.

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Green Bay, Wisconsin was the scene of a massive drug bust that involved multiple levels of law enforcement and military-style vehicles surrounding a building. Wow, I hope Aaron Rodgers is safe!

Rockford Police Officer Injured By Drunk-Texting Driver
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1520 Main St. Authorities was the exact location of the huge drug bust, and the authorities weren't messing around. FBI. DEA, ATF and DCI were in attendance to throw down is needed. The K-9 officers issued a stern message to those inside:

“This is the Brown County Sheriff’s Department. We’re here with the police K9. Come out now or you will be bit.”

I think that would be enough to throw my hands in the air, just saying.

Check out the video if this exchange HERE.

Man, think about the work out into this bust...Over a year later, the cops are ready to lay the smackdown on the drug dealers...that's an awful long time!

”It doesn’t matter if I’m wearing a blue uniform or a brown uniform or wearing a suit, we all have a common goal, and how we get to a common goal is by working together, training together and really just knowing each other by name, knowing each other’s hopes dreams and fears, because then if you know them it’s easier to work with, this is a 365-day effort.”  - Green Bay Police Commander Kevin Warych

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