Here are things in Rockford that Gene Simmons from Kiss could try to trademark.

Gene Simmons from Kiss is not only a Rock Music Icon, he is also a very successful businessman. He knows how to make a buck.

Gene has put the Kiss logo on just about anything you can think of t-shirts, dolls, cups, lunch boxes, caskets, and lots more.

When it comes to making money, he has no fear. He's owned an arena football team, did the marketing for Indy Car Racing, and starred in reality shows.

He has made business investments which include trademarking things. He owns the money bag logo for example.

A few weeks ago, he attempted to trademark the devil horns hand gesture.


After fan backlash, he withdrew his application.

Recently, in an interview from,

“If I could, I would trademark the air you breathe. Every breath. Yes, I would.”

That, of course, got my mind working.

What Rockford things would Gene Simmons try to trademark?

  • 815 - People already wear the t-shirts.
  • Symbol - Think about what he could do with the image.
  • Sock Monkey - Throw some makeup and stiletto boots on one.
  • Rock Vegas - A nickname I like to use for Rockford.
  • Screws - The screw city wouldn't even own its name.
  • Beef A Roo - Cheese for fries dyed red like blood.
  • Coronado PAC - Name would change to PKC, Performing Kiss Center.
  • Rockford Peaches - You know how much he likes the ladies.
  • Mrs. Fisher's - Could it become Mrs. Simmons?
  • Rock Cut - It has the word Rock in its name.

Do you have any other ideas?

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