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Dear 2020 -

Go away, never comeback. 



As we reach the end of the year, and hopefully move on to a brighter and healthier 2021, let's put this year into a song...a Cheap Trick song. Why not try our best to have some fun with a year that wasn't fun, at all.

One thing that I miss like crazy is live concerts. The feeling of being at a live show when the lights drop and that first guitar chord is hit, simply amazing. Cheap Trick is and has been a yearly concert for me, for as long as I can remember...But not in 2020. COut hometown heroes had a Rod Stewart tour ready to rock this year, another "bucket list" artist that I was ready to finally see...Screw you 2020.

With decades of great Cheap Trick tunes, I selected a handful that "might" describe your 2020. If you can come up with a better Cheap Trick song, I left that open for you as well.

As we prepare for 2021, filled with concerts (hopefully) and getting back slowly to the "normal" that we all know, let's put this year behind us. We stayed home, we lost, we cried, we made ends meet. May the new year bring you happiness, great health, and a return to life. Let 96.7 The Eagle be your soundtrack, and let's do this!


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