If you could buy a local town in our area, which one would it be?

Which town would you purchase in our area if you won the lottery and had enough money to do it?

Tina Fox said, "I would get Freeport. They have some cool houses and a great brewery. I could clean it up and it would be a great place to live."

Captain Jack explains, "I would buy Loves Park, because it's all about the love."

Double T says, "I would purchase Rockton, that way I could have easy access to the Dairyhaus." 

There are other options.

Pecatonica - It includes the Winnebago County Fairgrounds. You could throw some big parties there.

Rock City - The name says it all.

Havard - Think of all the fun you could have with the cow.

Byron - You would have your own nuclear plant.

South Beloit - If you ever got sick of Illinois, you could try to secede and become part of Wisconsin.

If you ever actually get enough money to buy your own town, can I borrow some?

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