There's a well in the Chicago area that is rumored to have water with special mystic powers.

I've read stories about the "Fountain of Youth." I've got to be honest, I don't think it's possible in real life. Magical water seems a little far-fetched to me. Maybe, a great storyline for a movie.

Well apparently, there are some residents in the Chicago area, who think they found their own special water supply.

According to,

"There's a magic water well in northwest suburban Schiller Woods. Chicagoland believers get in line to fill up empty bottles with untreated water from a local aquifer. They don't trust all wells, just this one."

"Regulars say that the well water improves their health. Some swear the water helped them deal with illnesses ranging from chronic headaches to cancer. Others, even say the water can make you ten years younger." 

"Many at the well don't trust the way that the local government treats their tap water. They don't mind the smell and prefer the taste, which is slightly metallic and highly mineral-y."

"For the Cook County Forest Preserves, high usage at the magic well means frequent testing of the water."

Do you believe it and would you be willing to try?


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