Was this a case of extreme road rage in Chicago?

Were the drivers fighting over a parking space?

Just what went on here?

Well it's neither one of those incidents.

So how did this happen?

According to CBS Chicago, the driver of the Lamborghini said that " the crash happened after they were hit by another car in the West Loop." He said that "instead of hitting the brake, he hit the acceleration and that is when they ended up underneath another car."

That car being the Honda Civic.

CBS Chicago; YouTube
CBS Chicago; YouTube

Wow! Well that's definitely one way to save space in parking.

It kind of gives a new meaning to giving a driver a lift too.

Thankfully no one was injured in this accident.

However, the Lamborghini didn't fare so well.

According to the owner, Dmitry Richie, after "assessing the damage to his $230,000 sports car..There’s no way for me to fix it.” (Digital Trends)

This really is one of those things you got to see it to believe, because it just doesn't seem possible, but it was.




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