As Halloween quickly approaches, are you prepared?


So there is all the silly clown stuff, I'm kinda over it. I have an even better way for you to remember Halloween 2016, buy a ghost.

You spend tons on those hard to hang up spider webs, plastic skulls, creepy lights, the witch that is slammed into the tree, I get it. People go above and beyond to scare the trick-or-treaters. What about owning a real ghost this year?

Now owning a real ghost is a little pricey as you will soon see. But think of the party tricks and how you could impress the neighbors.

Owning a real ghost can be tricky. Care of a ghost is a difficult thing, and you must use caution.

I have been approached on multiple occasions downtown, by a shady character trying to sell me something. Usually it's a bootleg movie, maybe something green, a car stereo or two, but never a ghost.

Watch this video and see if you are interested in owning your own ghost.




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