Sounds like an April fools joke, but it's true. As of February 1, 2018, Wal-Mart Stores will soon be changing their name to reflect a big change in their business.

After 47 years, the name will change. USA Today is reporting that the following two changes to Wal-Mart Stores' legal name will occur:

  • The hyphen (-) from the name will disappear
  • The word "stores" will also disappear

The reason? Wal-Mart is undergoing a legal name change to "reflect its increasing emphasis on e-commerce." The name change is not expected to affect Wal-mart's profit in any way.

This is actually the second name change for the retail giant. When Wal-Mart first opened in 1969, the store was opened as "Wal-mart, Inc."

I don't know about you, but the signage I've seen on the outside and inside of the stores clearly says "Walmart," so customers will not notice anything different.

Perhaps Wal-Mart will put all its unused hyphens on clearance.

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