I had never been to Rockford City Market, so Andrea from the RACVB finally got me down there on the last day of the season and she gave me a great tour.

Downtown Rockford has a lot of awesome things going for it. Leading the way is Rockford City Market. From late Spring to early Fall, it's the place to hang on Fridays after work.

With my crazy morning show schedule, I had never been to the market before. Late afternoon I'm usually napping because I get up so early. In the summer, I have a lot of station events like the "Deck It Out" parties. Plus, sometimes when I don't have anything scheduled, I like to just chill at home on Fridays after a long week.

My friend, Andrea from the RACVB, and I have started a new segment. It's called "Things Double T has never done in Rockford." I've lived in Rockford for over 20 years and there are still things I've never done in town. She is going to take me to check some of them out. You can hear her on my show each week on Friday around 9ish.

She thought Rockford City Market would be an interesting place to start. It was the last one of the season, so if I wanted to experience it I had to do it now or I would have to wait all winter.

What a great time I had. It's such a fun event with so much going on. There's tasty food, beverages including the adult kind, vendors, farmers market, live music, and kids activities to name just a few things.

Everyone is so friendly and there to have a good time. I ran into so many people I know. Plus, it's a great location downtown right on the river.

I'm so glad I went before it ended. I look forward to going back next year.

Here's a video of my very first visit to Rockford City Market.

Video: Double T visits Rockford City Market for the first time.

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