The city in Michigan has now changed its mind on the clown ban at a Halloween party.

According to wilx.com,

"A Detroit suburb has reversed course after its plan to ban clown costumes from an annual Halloween event to avoid potentially scaring children drew criticism."

City officials are asking people to use "good judgment" when picking out their costume for the event since it's supposed to be child-friendly.

The reason for the decision to not allow clowns was because there was a problem last year with scary clowns frightening kids.

I think it's a victory for clowns everywhere.

Original Story:

One Halloween event being held in the Midwest has decided to ban clowns this year.

I really enjoy coming up with a great costume and showing it off at Halloween parties around Rockford.

For the past few years, when it comes to scary themed outfits, the "Creepy Clown" is definitely very popular.

Many people are afraid of clowns and that look just freaks them out. It makes them all the better.

Well, a holiday event in Michigan has decided to not allow them this year.

According to wilx.com,

"If you like to dress up as a clown, nice or scary...you can't do it at an event in Oak Park, Michigan. That's because the organizers of Halloween Boo Bash are enforcing a no clowns costume policy. They claim that clowns create anxiety and phobias in people. And that many clown costumes these days are based on evil clowns. All other costumes are allowed."

Luckily I haven't heard of any "clown bans" in Rockford.

Are you afraid of clowns?

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