We've talked before about the best of the best grocery stores in the state of Illinois. We are loaded with grocery spots that top of the food chain...see what I did there?

There are a handful of grocery stores across the country that don't exactly make the mark. Grocery store shopping can be a pain in the butt, and you're going to spend too much many anyway...So why not have a "good experience" when you are going broke.

TheFiscalTimes put out a list of the 12 Worst Supermarkets in America. Well would you look at Illinois, we have two of the top 12! One of them is a big chain in the Chicago area, (with great fried chicken) and the other one is all over Illinois.

Coming in at #5 Jewel-Osco 

Jewel-Osco had mediocre ratings in all categories, except price, which fell into the “very dissatisfied” category. It recently slashed prices to help drive sales, but the changes don’t seem to be making much of a difference among customers. - The Fiscal Times

Personally I always like Jewel-Osco. Yes it can be a little pricy, but that chicken!

Coming in at #11 Walmart

With currently over 3,000 in the country, Walmart “Supercenters” stock everything from dairy products to home ware, and the stores received scathing reviews on service, a poor review on food quality, and a mediocre score on cleanliness. - The Fiscal Times

Been there, was just there, will go there again.

Well there you have it, two of the Top 12 Worst Grocery Stores, that are found in Illinois.

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